Technical Debt and Legacy Software are a pain for everyone

Management and Engineering pay the costs of maintaining frustratingly deficient software because they fear the risks of modifying the revenue-supporting code.

Try a new technology solution

Automatically transform software, without downtime, to remove technical debt, enhance security, and enable DevOps practices and cloud migration. (public or private)

helps to safely decouple   code into API services.

Don't wait for long and expensive rewrites of the application software that delivers revenue. Automatically break up code into modular components that run as Microservices, without disrupting operations.
Kodou takes your software apart by leveraging the trusted technologies used to build software.

Break up your Application into services just like the other APIs you use.

Kodou effortlessly decomposes, decouples and isolates code. The now modular code become independent services, just like your other services.

Cost and time of consulting firms
Faster for major projects
More developer output
you can't solve enterprise software problems with the Static Analysis of scripting languages found in Other tools.

Kodou brings a whole new level of software repository analysis.

Kodou supports C C++ and Java. Kodou also analyzes the build process of an application for deep structure access.

Kodou integrates with your existing tool chain and increases velocity.

Kodou is an API-first platform. Use the Kodou UI or your favorite IDE, API development tools, and open source resources.

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