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"The team that wrote the software left..."*

Ditch legacy software limitations.

Kodou Transforms Software Monoliths into Services in Minutes.

Transform your production-stage software into services so developers can quickly deliver value.

The team that wrote your software left and a new team took over. But are hesitant for fear of breaking the software.
Kodou's software transformation begins digital transformation with the service: Monoliths-to-Micro services-in-Minutes (not costly months, or years).

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Kodou analyzes your software repositories to give suggestions on which components to turn into API services.

Kodou uses proprietary compiler and runtime technologies.

Kodou supports a number of languages: Java C/C++ Python Node, etc.

True network security because software is never downloaded, even during development. (safely isolated software supply chain)

  • Transform the functions in your codebase into Live Functions via APIs to make services. Your code is always deployed as a service.
  • Code suggestions of Functions from indices and GPT-3 embedding vectors to make services.
  • No dependency conflicts.

Transform a Software Monolith to Services

Code suggestions of functions from indices + GPT-3 embedding vectors for Monolith to Services

Create Software from Live Functions (some examples)

Interactive Coding with Python or Java, etc., dependencies

Work with non-standard technology

Integrate with popular services

Software enhance your apps to really do what you want

Build micro-commerce apps

Drop Complexity, Gain Speed to Market

You deal with the cycle of complicated dependencies, deployments, and source security.
And you still have to write more code?

Remove layers from software production and focus on the part that affects your business, delivering the software product.

The Kodou development cycle starts with deployed working code and builds software products.

Our service is designed so engineers gain speed to market and quality.
get to working code quickly

Fastest way to make a software product with quality code.

Increase the productivity of your software engineering teams.

Use it for rapid prototyping of new ideas and innovation.

Use our speed to change with market demands.

Get expanded software security visibility.

code solutions for modern applications

Kodou is a natively distributed computing platform.

Build server applications. Support web and mobile applications.

Leverage software across programming languages.

Make your corporate software sharable and discoverable in-house with Kodou tools.

A universal code library

The code you want has probably been written already 100X, but buried somewhere. Kodou's proprietary technology extracts it from your repositories or open source, makes it discoverable, and ready to call.

Yes, code is already built and waiting to be executed.

The library is named universal because we handle many languages and their runtimes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have some explaining to do.
Is this a new framework?

Kodou is not a framework. It is a no-code software programming service via APIs and ABIs.

An ABI is an application binary interface, it is the interface to immutable code, the artifacts of compiling and building your source code.

Kodou looks like a small set of API calls that reference a large library of functions. You search for the functions you want and compose them if needed. Then call them with data for the arguments. All functions are deployed programs.

Google uses a single software repository and enables their engineers to leverage code from any project.
Kodou provides this type of service to everyone.

The functions come from libraries or are extracted from software with Kodou's proprietary tools. Your mental effort is spent thinking about the code you want, and searching for code. Your selections are ready to call.

It skips all of the usual software development tool chain. No compiling, linking, downloading, builds, etc.

For now, it is all function calls via the API. The necessary infrastructure is provided.

What is the underlying computing model?

Kodou functions are executable programs and communicate using the Actor model as well as ideas from CSP ("Communicating Sequential Processes", C.A.R Hoare).

You request functions, we provide the technology infrastructure, VMs, GPUs, etc., to make it all work.

The fundamental computing model is distributed message passing amongst functions. Kodou provides a large library of functions that are composed with operators such as 'pipe' to form program solutions.

As a customer, you will only need learn our small set of API calls.

What are the benefits to using

Speed in Software Development and Innovation:
1) Rapid software product creation to meet or exceed market needs. Focus on linking together quality executable code into instantly deployed software.  
2) Rapid prototyping for quickly testing out ideas. A vital innovation resource to provide your product teams and enable management to also innovate at a high pace.

Higher Productivity:
Kodou reduces the number of workflow stages from conception to deployment of software products. Software engineer's deliverables are software products, not just the workload to the deployment team. This productivity advantage continues in maintenance as well as product enhancements.

Conflict-free Software Dependencies:
Kodou lets you write programs that are free from dependency conflicts. This is a common problem in large software companies, but solutions are few. One challenging solution is to build software restricted to a mono-repo (like Google). Netflix has reported a solution without the mono-repo restriction.

Happier Software Engineers:
They will like the greater control and lower complexity of the Kodou service.
Your software engineers will focus on writing code.
Kodou presents a pool of code that saves engineering time and improves quality. Your engineers are already familiar with the distributed computing model, so they can quickly take advantage of the service. Their deliverables are software products because the deployments and infrastructure are handled by Kodou.

Security Controls and Audits on Software:
We build binary executables from source code, this allows for audits and source inspections. Security policies can prioritize the software components your engineers see on code searches. We can promote results that are preferred by your security team without disturbing creative work. Audits are available across the enterprise's software products.

Reveal Your True Software Assets:
Kodou proprietary tools reveal the value of your software investments. It exposes these software assets so your own engineers can find them and avoid wasting time and budgets. These assets can be financially measured for value to the balance sheet. These assets can be monetized through a license for usage without revealing the proprietary source code.

What is the service and how much does it cost? is an API based service for creating software products. Users receive API endpoints for using the service. Included are the cloud infrastructure required for the software products. We price the service depending the size of the organization and the performance requirements.

Our first offering is a Dependency service. Instead of functions you specify a set of desired dependencies be reserve in an environment. Now, you may call functions available in those dependencies. This is a great way to resolve dependency conflicts. For example, to call functions found in two conflicting dependencies, simply request two dependency environments, and receive the corresponding API tokens. You may now compose the two functions using the corresponding tokens.

Can we bring our in-house proprietary code into the service?

Kodou has tools to transform your enterprise applications into a pool of functions. These functions are now discoverable by your engineers for incorporation into software products.

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